Administration and transportation of the deceased

International transport of the deceased

Drnda Internacional

DRNDA INTERNACIONAL – International Funeral Services, founded in 1994. For its business, we can thank satisfied users of services who recommended us further. We efficiently provide the complete services of organizing dignified funerals of your loved ones, from the deaths to burial. Our great experience stems from our many years of work in this business, both in Serbia and abroad, so let us help you.


Transportation is done by the most modern air-conditioned fleet in the country and in the Balkans, we offer the largest selection of complete funeral equipment and black knitwear. We make bouquets, wreaths, tears and ikebanes of natural flowers. We organize a brass band, photography and video recording. We make deaths and publish plates in daily newspapers instead.

Administration and transportation of the deceased

For our clients we transport the necessary permits and documents necessary for the international transportation of the deceased with the transport service.

We organize all neophonde jobs related to repatriation and burial in the homeland.

The administration and transportation of the deceased are carried out in the shortest possible time and with respect to the deadlines of the funeral and customs of the deceased person.

For the transfer of mortal remains from abroad to Serbia, it is necessary to obtain the relevant document of the Republic of Serbia – the executive.
The request for the issuance of a warrant shall be submitted to the Embassy or the General Consulate of the Republic of Serbia in the area of the deceased’s last residence. For the issuance of a warrant, it is necessary to enclose the following documents in the original:

  1. passport of the deceased person;
  2. a request from a relatives or funeral company authorized to transport mortal remains in which, among other things, will be stated where the funeral will take place and which way the transport will be carried out;
  3. a copy of the MKO issued by the competent authority of the receiving country;
  4. doctor’s report on the cause of death;
  5. executive authority, or permission for transfer of a body abroad, issued by the competent authority of the receiving country (eg “Leichenpass” in Germany and Austria);
  6. confirmation of a secured grave site in the Republic of Serbia if it is a foreign citizen;
  7. if a person has died of plague or bigpox, the guideline shall be issued upon the consent of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. The consent is obtained from the diplomatic-consular representation of the Republic of Serbia.

If a person is buried in a third country, but the transport of mortal remains is carried out across the territory of Serbia, it is necessary to obtain a transit line of the Republic of Serbia. All the above documents are required for the issuance of a transit guide, as well as the state’s executive officer in which the person will be buried.

For the transfer of urn to Serbia, it is also necessary to obtain a warrant. All the above documents, as well as a certificate of cremation, will be attached.

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