Covering of funeral expenses

Covering of funeral expenses

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Funeral expenses are inevitability and an additional aggravating circumstance for everyone in the most difficult moments for the family. During many years of work, we have established a system of providing special services and helping with the administrative tasks of collecting funeral expenses of our clients, in order to help them as much as we can in our power.
After long experience, our clients complete the documentation for exercising the rights of family members to collect funeral expenses from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund. We also provide services for regulating the cancellation of foreign pensions.
Documentation required for applying for funeral expenses compensation:

  • 1. Excerpt from the register of the deceased
  • 2. Identity card of the deceased
  • 3. Applicant’s identity card (who charges funeral expenses)
  • 4. Check of the deceased’s pension (preferably the last one)
  • 5. Account for funeral equipment

Funeral expenses arrive by post to the applicant at the address from the ID card within 30 days from the date of submission of the application, and the arrears to the day of death in the next pay period.

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