Our professional and attentive staff from Drnda International is dedicated to your business and especially family-related to provide you with all the necessary assistance in selecting quality and affordable funeral services.
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International Funeral Services Drnda Internacional

The first steps of the Drnda Internacional Funeral Services Company were based on temporary work in far-off Germany where we were able to organize the transportation and funeral of a dear deceased person in the homeland. Surprised and broken by sorrow, we have come across seemingly unsolvable problems, from choosing equipment, finding transportation, preparing documents for transport, to the funeral itself.
It was these difficulties that prompted my family to find themselves in this type of work and, by their engagement, help many service users at very difficult moments.

If you already have to choose the best one

The international funeral services of Drnda Internacional were established in 1994. For its business, we can thank satisfied users of services who recommended us further. We efficiently provide the complete services of organizing dignified funerals of your loved ones, from death to burial. Our great experience stems from our many years of work in this business, both in Serbia and abroad, so let us help you. Transportation is done by the most modern air-conditioned fleet in the country and in the Balkans, we offer the largest selection of complete funeral equipment and black knitwear. We make bouquets, wreaths, tears and ikebanes of natural flowers.
We organize a brass band, photography and video recording. We make deaths and publish plates in daily newspapers instead.

The Drnda International Funeral Company boasts the state-of-the-art fleet that is always ready to go to your request anywhere on the road.

Complete funeral equipment in one place
In the business premises of the funeral company Drnda International our professional team will receive and carefully listen to you in the right way to help organize a funeral. At the Drnda Internacional offices, you can choose funeral equipment, black knitwear, arrange the departure date, choose a wreath or flower aromas, print legends, and get all the necessary instructions regarding the refund of funeral expenses. If you are prevented from coming personally to any of our outlets, our agents will come to your address where you can choose a funeral equipment catalog and complete a complete organization around the departure of your dear person.

The most modern fleet

Our company owns only special funeral vehicles for transportation in the country and abroad. You can participate in every stage of the organization or you can leave it to all of our professional team, knowing that we will do just the way you want it. We can organize all kinds of festivities, both traditional burials and cremation. We recognized that the funeral may have different forms depending on the wishes of relatives or friends. Our service is ready to organize a fare that will meet your requirements, no matter how unusual they are.

We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that immediately after the death of you, you will be able to arrange all the details and rely on us as soon as possible.

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