International Funeral services and Transportation of the deceased

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International Transportation of the Deceased

Drnda International offers transportation of the deceased throughout Europe or from anywhere in Serbia with new modern vehicles.

Arranging Funeral Documents

For clients with the transport service, we arrange the funeral documentation that is necessary for the international transport of the deceased.

Complete Funeral Equipment

Take a look at our range of funeral equipment and call us for advice on purchasing coffins, crosses, blackness and other funeral arrangements.

Why choose the funeral of Drnda International?

We are here for you at any time 24/7 days a week

We are here 24 hours for your calls

Drnda International knows how important it is to have time to rely on with full confidence in a difficult moment.

Emergency arrivals by call

Immediately upon invitation, our modern vehicles will head to the agreed location in any city in Serbia or country in Europe.

Professional drivers

The drivers of Drnda International are professionals with many years of experience in the international transport of the deceased.

Modern vehicles

Modern vehicle fleet with over 20 vehicles that are made according to European standards and ready to leave at any moment.

Funeral arrangements

The funeral company Drnda International organizes everything you need for the funeral of the deceased.

More store locations

Our fully equipped funeral equipment stores are located in several locations in Serbia and abroad.

Funeral Home Fleet
Drnda Internacional

The funeral company Drnda International has about 20 vehicles for transporting the deceased. All vehicles are air conditioned and fully equipped for their intended purpose. In addition to the basic controls prescribed by the state and the countries of the European Union, the vehicles regularly pass rigorous internal controls of technical correctness and aesthetic conditions.

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